Pigment inks on hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm, edition of 5, 830 X 1630mm


Image by Kelcy Taratoa. All rights reserved

Private Collection


‘D1S_PIX_1AA2‘ was exhibited in Vivid Vibration 2015 at Nadene Milne Gallery

‘D1S_PIX_1AA2 is part of a series of works described as “digital reverberations”. Each work is a composite, it’s constituent parts appropriated from paintings by the artist, and digitally manipulated to construct iterations of the original paintings. Visually the works reference the formalising of pixel imagery, and simultaneously speak to the ease with which pixels can be manipulated to recontextualise and reconceptualise imagery to make new meaning. The shareability of pixel imagery on multiple digital platforms exposes vulnerabilities of both image and subject. These works in part speak to the ubiquitous phenomenon of our image driven world and the normalisation of image production, distribution and interpretation. Colour and shape play a prominent anchor also, driving another thread of dialogue through the abstraction of imagery, creating multiple visual and conceptual layers of meaning. Abstraction is both a tool for distraction, and a threshold from which the viewer begins to slip into and beyond the surface layer of pigment.


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